Carleys Products - Organic Pickles

 A favourite old range, brought up to date!
Very long shelf life, but once the jar is opened the seem to get used up in no time at all!
•  all gluten-free
•  made using vegetables that we can get from local organic growers within a few miles of our factory
•  no added sugar
•  no added salt (except the lime pickle and preserved lemons)
•  store without refrigeration until opened
•  all vegan
Suggested retail prices are shown below, though these may vary slightly from shop to shop.

Available from most major UK organic wholesalers, and the shops they supply..

Apple & Sultana Chutney
RRP £2:95 - 300g
Product info >> Apple & Sultana Chutney

RRP £2.95 - 300g
Product info >> Piccalilli

Red Onion Marmalade
RRP £3:55 - 300g
Product info >> Red Onion Marmalade

Tomato Relish
RRP £2.35 - 300g
Product info >> Tomato Relish

Lime Pickle
RRP £3.45 - 250g
Product info >> Lime Pickle

RRP £2.75 - 250g
Product info >> Pickle

Preserved Lemons
RRP £5:35 - 700g
Product info >>Preserved Lemons

Carleys Organic Foods - Soil Association licenced since 1992


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