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Raw Brazilnut Butter RRP  £3.95 /170g

Cool milled below 44°C  from just raw brazil nuts from Bolivia, no added oil, no added salt.
Store cool after opening, and eat within three months - in the fridge it will go quite solid as brazil nut oil has a realtively high "wax point". A great source of selenium (1917mcg/100g). Use as a bread spread, or crackers, or to replace dairy fat in flapjacks etc.


Delicious as a bread spread, in  sauces, dressings, nut-milk, dips and baking. Cool-milled below 44°C purely from sustainable hand-cracked brazilnuts. A great natural source of selenium. In our all organic factory we are proud never to use refined oils, palm fat, emulsifiers or anything artificial in any product.

We are very careful to avoid any risk of cross contamination. We also process sesame, mustard, soya and peanuts. Best to eat within three months of opening, replace the lid securely, and store cool out of direct light. Natural nutritious brazilnut oil may separate on the surface, just stir back in.

Organic brazilnuts can naturally contain nut shell fragments etc. We check and remove during production but cannot guarantee to have found every piece.

Just one raw ingredient: (* = organic / bio / øko / eko)

GB:     Brazilnuts*

NL:      Paranoten*

Ker:    Know kofen*

DK:     Paranødder*

N:        Paranøtter*

Se:     Paranötter*

Cat:    Nous del Brasil*

Esp:   Nueces del Brasil*

Su/Fi: Parapähkinät*

Pol:    Orzechy brazylijskie*

Fr:      Noix du Brésil*

De:     Paranuss*

Ro:     Nuci de Brazilia

Ital:     Noci del Brasile*

Port:   Castanha do Brasil*

Cym:   Cnau Brasil*

Sl:       Brazilski oreški

Če:      Para ořechy

Gael:   Cnónna Brazil*

Íslen:  Parahnetur*

Ελλ:    φιστίκια Βραζιλίας *

Nutritional Info    Per 100g

Energy kcal              656

Energy kJ               2743

Protein                   14.3g

Carbohydrates       12.3g

 of which sugars       2.3g

Fats (total)              66.4g

 of which saturates 15.1g

Fibre                         7.5g

Calcium                160mg

Sodium                  3.0mg

Selenium               1.9mg

Carley's is family owned and independent

Certified by the Soil Association since 1992  


Carleys Organic Foods - Soil Association licenced since 1992


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