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Privacy Policy



Handling Of Your Personal Information

The personal information you have provided to Carley's of Cornwall will be handled with strict confidentiality and your privacy is guarded at all times.

Employee access is only limited to authorised Carley's employees who are fully trained in handling your information. These authorised personnel are required to ensure the confidentiality of your information and to respect your privacy at all times.

Carley's of Cornwall undertake to never pass your personal details or email address to any third party.

Carley's of Cornwall may from time to time send out emails or e-newsletter informing you of new updates to Carley's Web site, products and services or promotions etc. If you do not wish to continue receiving these emails or e-newsletter you may choose to unsubscribe to receiving these communications by unsubscribing on Carley's web site or by just dropping us an email saying 'unsubscribe me ' in the subject line.